Family Monitor


Family Monitor is a very simple app that works alongside Google Maps. To start (i.e. before using the Family Monitor app), ask your family to allow Google Maps to share their locations with you. (See here for instructions).

Then, within Family Monitor, define locations that you will use when setting alerts, for example, your home and your children's school. (See here for instructions). Once the locations have been defined, you can create alerts in the form of:

Note that you refer to yourself as Me. And that's it!

The User Interface

Family Alerts Fired Alerts Map Alerts Wizard


Tap a family member to view their location on the Map tab. Slide left a family member and tap the lightning icon, to create an auto alert. This is an alert that will fire when the family member moves more than a specified distance from their current location. The distance is set in the Settings page.


Slide, left or right, an alert to delete or edit it. Tap an alert to view the object of the alert's location on the Map tab. If you are using a non-touchscreen device, such as a Fire TV, press or long-press the remote's select button for these options.

Fired Alerts

Slide left a fired alert to delete it. Tap a fired alert to view the object of the alert's location on the Map tab.


A browser view of Google Maps. Tapping on a family member or an alert, on the corresponding tabs, will bring you to this tab to show the relevant location.

This tab is also used to define locations that are to be used in Alerts:

  1. Find the desired location in the map (by scrolling, entering an address...)
  2. Tap the location icon add_location. The icon will start flashing.
  3. Long press the desired location on the map and wait for a 'Save with name' dialogue to open. This can take several seconds. If the dialogue doesn't open or has the wrong location, try long pressing again.
  4. Enter a name for the location and tap OK. The location icon will stop flashing. You should find that the newly defined location can now be used when defining an alert.


The following can be found on the settings page which is accessible via the cog button.

Privacy Policy

Family Monitor does not ask for, process or store any personal information apart from the names of the family members associated with alerts that the user creates. These alerts are only stored on the device running Family Monitor. In addition, the only network communication is to addresses (URLs) within the domain and to when displaying this help page.

Google Maps Configuration

Note that prior to version 1.55, the Google Maps configuration required two steps. There is now only one step since Google's Location Bookmarks are no longer used.

Family Monitor requires Google Maps' Location Sharing to be enabled. (The following screenshots are from the Android version of the Google Maps app but the iOS version is very similar.)

  • Location sharing - those family members you wish to monitor must share their locations with you. Each family member may remove the sharing of their location at any time without notifying you, though you will notice that their location is no longer being shared with you. Let us assume you wish to monitor your son's location. You can either (1) directly ask your son to use his Google Maps app (this stage can't be done using a browser) to configure Maps to share his location with you, or (2) you can go into your Google Maps app and send an invitation to your son asking him to share his location. Detailed instructions can be found by googling or, for example, here.

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